Monday, October 13, 2008

Hopefully Things Will Calm Down Soon............

During this semester I've had to dabble in 3D and photography in my Arts Ed 2 course.
Above is my linear sculpture -

"Thoughts In My Head"
Recycled wire
58cm x 44cm x 35cm

All work I have completed has been photographed, and made into a catalogue - similar to what you would find at an Art Gallery - featuring a collection of a particular artist's work - in this case - my amateur makings!!
I'm almost done - it's all due in this Friday.
I'll post more as I get the time.

In the meantime - I've been really sick - bronchitis once more - yay for Canberra spring and the dreaded lurgies - they get me every time.
(the last week of the
school hols - we were all sick - our home was a warzone!!)
It's also MADNESS assignment time. Just 3 weeks until the end of semester - then all clear until next year. (yay)
I just want the bloody piece of paper that says I'm allowed to teach - but they put you through hell and back to get there - I swear.

It's late - I've got to get some sleep.
Counselling essay to due tomorrow - 1500 words comparing two counselling theories.
Oh the joy!!


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Spring Has Sprung - And Other Things.....

  • The blossoms have started to's a sign of warmer things to come. (YIPEE) It was a rather chilly winter - and although it was a bumper season on the ski slopes (2 hours south from here) - we didn't manage to fit in a snow trip this year. Hopefully 2009.
Here are some almond blossoms in our front garden, taken today.

  • A great tutorial at Uni today - with lots of discussions on the state of Australia's education system - and all that has been in the news lately.
Sadly - our society puts so much emphasis on the measure of success for a child being how high their university entrance score is upon finishing high school.
Seriously though - one can not measure a child's ability to be successful in life in only those terms. That's really quite absurd!!
As teachers (and as parents) we must care for our students, help them to have a love of knowledge - and just give them the best tools to take on the world.
And those tools MUST include the ability to think for oneself / think creatively / think outside the box / think with empathy & compassion for one's fellow man - as WELL AS having a good grasp of literacy and numeracy, science and social studies.
Teachers and schools are asked to show their worth by children scoring well only in the areas of literacy and numeracy.
How on earth can that really work???????
It baffles me that this education system - and all the government debates - haven't really changed at all in the last 100 or more years.
There HAS to be a better way.
Frustrating - to say the least.

(and I won't even start on how low teachers are paid in this country!!! Scandinavian countries pay their teachers almost the same as doctors - whereas here - we're expected to work our magic for the kids - but live off very low wages. No wonder over 50% of new graduate teachers leave the field completely within the first 3 years.........yes - 50%!!)

Anyhoo - the discussions were good. Rant now over!!
Now I have to work out how I can change it all!!! (I'll get back to you on that one......!)
  • Getting around to doing a big food shop today. It's been awhile - just grabbing small bits here and there. Our pantry and fridge are now fully loaded!!!! (we'll see how quickly this hungry family manages to consume it all!!)
02Sep08 - Today I am grateful for -
  • Teacher's strike this morning for 2 hours at school - so we managed to have a sleep in. I dropped MissJ and MissE down to school at 11:00am. It was a nice and calm morning!!
  • A surprise package arriving from my sister L - who lives in Darwin. She recently went to the UK - the trip was part business / part jolly - and she hunted around for some great treasures for us all.

And here are pics of the girls with their new Gap t-shirts from London....

Yes - it's a dorky photo - I know - but it's so cool that they're all at a similar height difference!!
(they're growing up so quickly - * sob*)

So here's a more relaxed shot - with Miss Molly!!

01Sep08 - Today I am grateful for -
  • Having a monumental BLONDE moment - but still being able to admit it - and to laugh harder than I have in a very long time!!! I think it's a good skill to be able to laugh at your own mistakes. It's lucky I can - as I make mistakes often - and I'd be a depressed mess if it weren't for the laughter!!
  • My gorgeous friend MrsSmiff came home from hospital today - after 5 days in with pnemonia. She's a busy woman - and the hospital stay forced her to rest. We're all very glad she's now home - on the mend - and resting for another week. It's also made her re-think life choices - which could be a very good thing. Life's far too short and precious to be running around after everyone except you and those that you love.
  • Long over-due phone-call with my sister L. It's been awhile - and it was great to catch up. Sadly we may not be able to see one another this year (she lives 8 hours by plane away - in Darwin) - but we'll look forward to when we can.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Bad Blogger.

So apparently I'm not too good with sharing my 3 Grateful Things (3BT) each and every day.
Yes - I can admit it. I'm a slacker.
But truly - life just gets busy at times - ya know?!

I think at this stage in my life - I have to remember to be gentle on myself.
I am NOT superwomen - even though I try to be sometimes.
I am just a women, that is figuring out her place in the world; a mother, that is trying to raise 3 gorgeous girls that show me more about love than I've ever known; a wife, that is not nearly as kind to her husband as she should be; a student, that is not very good at time management and seems to always end up finishing assignments during the wee hours of morning; a friend, that cares deeply but often doesn't show it enough; a netballer, that really isn't fit enough, and may even be an embarrassment to all that play with her - but is having a damn good time at it all anyway.

OK - Things that have kept me busy these last few days.
  • The girls had Book Week parade at school last Thursday. It's become an important tradition at our local school - and everyone from the Principal through to the grounds person gets in on the fun!! It's a hoot. Here's this year's effort from MissE and MissJ................(MissJ's very first Book Week baby's growing up too fast)
MissE was a 'Fairy Godmother' and MissJ was a 'Princess' - obviously. Miss E put her outfit together herself - and luckily we found enough supplies for everything around the house and in the dress-up box. (thanks goodness for well stocked dress-up boxes - I say!!)
  • Thursday was also a successful day for me - as I handed in an assignment for my counselling unit - on time. PHEW!! Apparently my brain does still function - dispelling all fears to the contrary. So - on to the next assignment I go - due next week - ICK!!
  • Friday saw another wonderful day off. It's good to let my batteries recharge at the end of the week.
  • Saturday was full of netballing madness.
Great news - MissG and MissE both had wonderful games - and they both now head into the finals. VERY exciting. (especially since last year - MissE's team didn't win a game all season!)
My game was a loss - and that's it for the season for us - but we had a GREAT time - my first ever season of netball - we're all planning on playing again next year. It was a hoot. Great friends, good laughs, no major injuries - all was good!!!
Here's MissG in action -

And here's MissE -

  • Today - we had rain - lots of rain. It was wonderful to hear it falling on the roof - and being snuggled up and warm inside - with a fire for added warmth and visual pleasure!! (perhaps the fire was not so good for the environment - but I feel the cold - damn it.......). Our parched soils are looking kind of sad - so rain is good. I say - bring it ON!!! More rain please Mr Weather-Man!!
    OK - I've stayed up far too late - once again.
    Thanks for coming.

    Tuesday, August 26, 2008


    • Meetings with Uni peeps that put things into perspective - and assure me that I am heading in the right direction.
    Here is - 'Mother and Child' - by ME.

    I'm very pleased with how she worked out - as I haven't touched clay since I was at school. Not bad for a couple of hours work!!
    • Meeting at Netball Associations running on time - and not taking all night!! (which I had feared)

    Sunday, August 24, 2008


    • A quiet Sunday at home.
    • MissE starting to practice piano - with great enthusiasm - after I gave her her first lesson last night. She's been dying to start - and I figured that I would use my sleeping talent!!
    • Reading "The Beast: A Reckoning With Depression" by Tracy Thompson (published in 1995). Amazing book about one persons fight against the darkness. I can highly recommend it. (I started it and finished it just today.)


    • MissE's and MissG's teams both winning their netball games today. Both were great matches - and a great boost for all the girls. (they played brilliantly)
    • Not coming away too badly injured when I put my body on the line for my netball team!!! Just scrapes and bruises - I'll live to play another day!!
    • More Olympics magic - GOLD in the 10metre Diving by Matthew Mitcham (amazing dives) - GOLD in the Pole Vault by Steve Hooker - GOLD in the Kayaking by Ken Wallace - SILVER by the Opals Women's Basketball & BRONZE by the Kookaburras Men's Hockey. Great moments all of them.

    Friday, August 22, 2008


    • Fridays. Just LOVE them. I had a Nanna Nap today!!! Love my Fridays.
    • Having fun talking on the radio at the local radio station!! I took MissG and two of her team-mates - and they spoke for 15 minutes about netball and umpiring - and how much fun it all is. Great experience for the girls - and now they're almost famous!!! MrW, MissE and MissJ stayed at home and listened to the fun - at least some people were listening!! (we're talking a very small radio station here - but good fun - none the less!!)
    • No major finals on at the Olympics tonight - so I can have at least one early night since they started!!


    • Staying awake during my lecture & tutorial today. It was a struggle - but I managed.
    • The Opals (Aussie Woman's Basketball Team) - winning their game against China in the Olympics - and now they're heading into the Gold medal match V USA. They played brilliantly and it was a pleasure to watch. (they're at least guaranteed a Silver - but they could go all the way!!)
    • Our new BOSE Ipod SoundDock - this thing is just amazing!!! MrW surprised me - and ordered it thru his Frequent Flyer points (very good bargain - in fact it was FREE!!). It arrived tonight. The sound is incredible. I'm in LOVE!!! (and it has a remote!) Yep - I love new toys!!

    Thursday, August 21, 2008

    My Girls

    LOVE my girls!!!

    Photo taken in July - last day of term 2.
    MissE and MissJ were about to head off to 'Crazy Hair Day' at school - and MissG and I were heading out the door to catch the bus to Netball State Age in Newcastle.

    (I've been playing with Photoshop. Sorry about the angle - I was being arty when I took it!! Well that's my excuse - anyway!!)


    • Finally catching up on past posts of gratefulness here. It got away from me - but I managed to get back up to date. YAY ME!!
    • Getting major work done on my visual arts book. It's looking great. I am pleased!!
    • Really getting into my Counselling unit readings and getting my head into things. I've been absent - just driving on auto pilot - but I can feel myself edging back. The arty stuff helps - I should keep it up - and keep it constant. I think my soul works best when I have a creative outlet. I just have to find a way to not get too manic on projects (as I'm prone to do) - and just plod along - getting the right amount of creativity to get me through!!!


    • Coming up with loads of ideas for my visual arts project. I've named my book - 'Moments in Time'. I hope to post some pics of my pages when I'm done. Each event must be depicted abstractly using collage. I forsee lots of cutting, pasting, and general mess around my desk for awhile. (well - there's usually mess - but it's gonna get a lot worse - me thinks!!!)
    • MissG surviving back at school. We hired her some crutches to help get around while her ankle heals - and they hurt under her arms a bit today - but she was allowed to use the lift at school all day - to help navigate between the 2 storeys at her school. She's healing.
    • MrW seeing the doc and getting some days off work. It's not great he's not well - but it's good that the doc is making him have some rest. No major illness - but some icky lurgy has invaded - and he's just a wee tired. Rest will be good.


    • More creative happenings in my visual arts tutorial today. (we're going to make a book now - showcasing significant 'events' in our lives.) Hee hee - Possum rubs her hands together gleefully!!! I love love love getting arty!!
    • Surviving another Art Ed 2 seminar - and completing set tasks for the week. (thanks be to Fee for being my ROCK and bestest Uni buddy eva!!!)
    • MissG seeing a physio about her ankle injury - and the verdict not being too bad. (phew!) She goes back to see him on Friday. Her ankle is 'out' - and her hips aren't quite straight either - but at least it's nothing major. She heads back to school tomorrow after having 2 school days off.
    Life is good!!


    • More Olympic fun from Beijing. I never watch so much sport as I do when the Olympics is on!!!
    • Actually getting some readings done for Uni - wonders will never cease!!
    • The fog starting to lift from my head - and progress towards getting into this semester of Uni. This year has been a wee taxing on my brain - just too much external stuff going on. But I'm getting there. And that's a good thing!!!

    Saturday, August 16, 2008


    • An absolutely brilliant 4-page letter from my bio dad!! (the one he's been promising to send since December last year) Family medical history, a little bit of family history and a shared hope that one day we may meet. WOW. Some missing pieces to this adoptee's life - FINALLY!!!
    • A day off from netball duties. MissG has a sore ankle and my game got called off - while MrW took MissE along to her game at 10am. It was nice to have a Saturday at home - out of the cold.
    • A day of study, reading and research for Uni assignments. I'm finally getting knuckled down for the semester. (it's only week 4 - eeekkkkk!!!)

    Friday, August 15, 2008


    • My bio dad calling for the first time all year. (it was our 3rd conversation since finding each other last year). He wants to keep in touch - he wants to know what's happening in my life. It's always in small doses - but it feels - oh - so - nice.
    • The outdoor temperature reaching 12 degrees C today!!! I'll soon need to break out the summer clothes!!!!! (but that wind was still a killer!!)
    • Friday nights - cuddled up on the lounge with my family and with Molly - fire blazing - watching movies. I love these nights we share together.


    • Having a day home with MissJ to rest, cuddle and just get ourselves well.
    • Email from my bio dad - nice.
    • Being thought about - and loved - from afar.

    Wednesday, August 13, 2008


    • Finally getting my dishwasher back - fixed - and working like new! (added bonus - it didn't cost us a small fortune to get it fixed!!) We've been without it for almost 2 months. You think being without a computer/internet is bad? That's nothing compared to having no working dishwasher in the house!! We had a little field mouse in the house a long time ago - and it took a really long time to catch the bugger. Apparently he quite enjoyed nibbling at the power cord and internal parts of said dishwasher. Mouse + dishwasher = not a good match. Just a little hint for you to remember!!
    • Olympic sports - that I never normally watch - EXCEPT when the Olympics are on. Crazy - I know - but cheering on the Aussie's in the green and gold is just the best during these once-every-4-year games. Today I've watched Water Polo, Cycling, Canoing - and of course - the Swimming. (yeah - I know - I should be studying - but it's only once every 4 years - ya know?!?!)
    • My bed! Last year we finally outlayed a great deal of cash for a GREAT mattress. (after buying the last mattress over 15 years ago - ICK!!) This new one is so so so comfortable. SO very worth the money. We spend so much of our lives sleeping - it makes sense to buy a good bed to rest well on.
    Just wish I could get my ass to bed earlier most nights - so I could take full advantage of the bliss that is my bed. I'll try hard to get to bed before midnight tonight - I promise!!! (oh - I hope I don't get trapped in another Olympic moment again!!!!!)


    • Leisel Jones finally getting her well deserved Olympic GOLD in the Women's 100m Breaststroke Final!!! She's come a very long way since she crashed on the Australian swimming scene at the young age of 14. Our nation is proud of you Miss Jones!!
    • Better health!! My cold has almost dissipated into nothingness. YAY!
    • Being around in the afternoons when my girls all come home from school. It's the BEST time to talk about what has happened in our day. My mum (being essentially a single mum - as my dad died when I was one) had to work - and was never there for that special time. I'm so very grateful that for now - I can be.

    Monday, August 11, 2008

    Just Had To Post This Pic.........

    Here's MissG in action - NSW Netball State Age Championships 2008 - Newcastle.

    Photo by: 'Photos In A Flash'.


    • Internet access being restored to my home!! (see the following post) I don't know how I lived without it before we had it. I now have it back (after a few wee hiccups) - and life is good!!
    • My visual arts tutorial for my Arts Ed 2 course this semester - where my creative juices are once again ignited. I LOVE any opportunity to switch the right side of my brain to maximum power! I LOVE being challenged artistically and I LOVE to CREATE!! Today we looked at how to capture the concept of 'TIME' via photography - along with how to share with kids the concept that artists - even from way in the past - were just like us - and were influenced by all that was around them. Last week I used clay to make a 'TOTEM' - theme of our own choosing - I made a 'MOTHER & CHILD' statue (it should be fired in a few weeks). I'll post some pics of my finished creations - later in the semester. Really really fun stuff.
    • The training I've already received in my course - and being able to help MissG with her Maths homework - using Lego blocks to show her concepts in a manipulative form. (I love those 'light-bulb' moments with kids.........."Oh, now I get it!!!") Got to love 'perimeters' and 'areas'.
    Off to do some reading for tomorrow's tutorials.

    Internet Down - and Catching Up

    How frustrating is it when the internet connection goes - and it takes 4 days to sort it all out with your ISP?!?!?!?!


    OK - I'm breathing again. Glad that's over. Lets get on with things.

    So - I need to catch up on a few 3BT's - you know - those things I'm grateful for!!!
    I'll think back - and try to make my lists. (and I'll go backwards from yesterday - so they sit right on the blog - 'cuz ya know that I need it to look right - yes??)

    • Long allow my body some rest and recuperation from my head-cold.
    • A family that allows me to have long sleep-ins when I need them!!
    • Good friends for company as we laze the afternoon away watching the Olympic highlights from Beijing!!


    09Aug08 - Today I'm grateful for -
    • Amazing peeps - both young and old - from Saturday netball - that make me smile and laugh - until my cheeks hurt.
    • 10 gorgeous 12-Years netball peeps that I had the honour to manage this past Rep Netball Season - and their wonderful parents.
    • Celebrations at the Rep Presentation Dinner - good food, great friends, fun times.


    • The start of the Beijing 2008 Olympics!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE me some Olympic viewing. (guess I'll be lacking some sleep over the next 2 weeks!!!) GO YOU AUSSIES!!!
    • Molly after she's had her hair clipped!! She's just even more cute, cuddly and fluffy.
    • MissE performing and getting an award at school today - and me being able to be there to witness it. She's one very talented little vegemite. I'm so very proud of all she does.
    ............and lastly.................

    • My good friend and neighbour not being badly hurt - when attacked by a pedestrian whilst driving her car. The car is damaged. She's shaken. But she's OK. (weird things really do happen)
    • Good friends and coffee shops. Couldn't live without them!!
    • Friends who really do understand - or at the very least - TRY to understand - what being adopted really means to me. Their validation and unconditional support have helped me heal and grow - in more ways than I could ever describe.
    PHEW!!! I did it.
    OK - back to your regular programming now!!!!!
    Thanks for checking in!

    Wednesday, August 6, 2008


    06Aug08 - Today I am grateful for -
    • Friends - both in real life and on-line - close & far far away - for they constantly make me smile and brighten my days.
    • The view out my front window - of snow on the Brindabella Mountains. It never bores me - and makes the cold winter weather seem all OK. (sadly - there isn't currently THIS much snow - this was taken in 2004 - but it's the same range of mountains - and I just LURVE any amount of white fluffy stuff)

    • Facebook - for being the tool that helped me connect to a long lost friend - whom I hadn't heard from in over 20 years.

    Tuesday, August 5, 2008

    Celebrations and Gratefulness

    This semester I am taking a subject/unit called - 'Promoting Positive Learning Environments' at UC.
    It's all about behaviour management and discipline in the classroom - and how to get the most out of your students.

    We have been given a huge list of movies to watch over the semester - to see best practices in teaching - and to witness those teachers that have really inspired their students in the past.

    First movie on the list - 'The Freedom Writers' - is an amazing story about a teacher that really cared about her students - like nobody had cared about them ever before.
    The most amazing part - my gorgeous friend J - currently living in New York - sent me this book for my b'day last year - and she wrote on the inside cover -

    'To dear Possum - because I know you will be an incredible teacher!'

    (I heart my gorgeous friend J !!)

    The story is extremely inspiring - and it has been made into a movie - staring Hilary Swank.
    Do see it if you get a chance - check out the website - or better still - get your hands on a copy of the book.

    So anyway - today's lecture talked about 'Positive Psychology & Positive Education' - and about an experiment that is running on 'Celebration and Gratefulness' - to increase one's own sense of well-being and happiness.
    The gist of it is - if we give to others of our free will - and be constantly grateful for the good things in our lives - no matter how big or small - our lives can be happier & ultimately healthier in the long run.
    So - from today - I shall try to write about 3 things/people/events - each and every day - which I am grateful for - that I wish to celebrate!!!

    I know - I'm a slack bugger when it comes to keeping this little place updated - but now I have a challenge - and I hope that I can keep this up - to document what matters in my life - and to see if this helps me to truly appreciate the wonderful-ness of my life.
    (yeah - I know it's not a real word - and I promise not to teach the kidlettes my Possum-isms when I become a real teacher - K?!!)

    05Aug08 - Today I am grateful for -
    • My gorgeous girls - that always give me the BEST hugs and kisses any mum could ever wish for.
    • MrW - my husband - for being the MOST patient, loving man - and I'm so thankful he's stuck around!!!
    • My PPLE Lecturor - Dr Thomas Nielsen - who is an extremely inspiring teacher in his own right. I'm so glad that I know him - and that he is so giving of himself.

    Now - go be grateful for the good things that happened in your day!!!
    See you tomorrow! xx 

    ETA: I'm labelling all of my 3 Things' under '3BT' - for '3 Beautiful Things' - which is used around blog-land.

    Holidays Over and New Semester Begins

    WOW - where did that time go??
    I haven't posted since 29June - how rude is that??
    July just passed without even a mention?!?!
    And I promised that I would be more attentive dear reader.
    (I know there's at least one peep out there taking notice!!!! Thankyou!!!)
    Where to begin??

    Netball NSW State Age Championship's were held in Newcastle at the beginning of July school holidays.
    It was amazing - tiring - exciting - a blast.
    3-days of netball mayhem - never seen anything like it - but it was an absolute hoot!!
    I had the honour to manage a wonderful team of ten 12 year olds.
    The girls all played wonderfully - better than they have ever played before.
    It was great.
    Bring on next year!!

    After State Age we took our time getting back home - spending nights at various friends homes - as we made our way back down to Canberra.
    We were away a whole week.
    Two nights here - one night there - it was super mad - but great to catch up with so many people that we haven't seen in a very long time.
    We consumed vast amounts of champagne and red wine - talked up a storm - did 'Paddy's Markets', 'Yum Cha' in China Town and a Rugby League match all in Sydney (P'matta V Rabitohs) - and generally had a load of fun.
    Friends are precious - even if you only get the opportunity for small amounts of time together.
    All very worth the time.

    Second week of the school hols were spent just lounging around at home, washing copious amounts of dirty laundry, watching films, catching up with home friends, and generally taking things nice and slow. (Poor MrW had to go back to work - so he didn't have so much fun - life returns to normal so fast!!)

    21July saw school return for the kids - and back to Uni for me once more.
    Already things are flyng past quick - we're already into to week 3 - I'm sure the rest of the year will now fly past before I know where it's all gone!!

    Saturday netball has resumed in ernest.
    School activities keep the girls all very busy.
    MrW has had a couple of trips to Adelaide with work.
    I have a heap of assignments due this semester.
    And life rolls on as per normal.

    Oh the joys of a busy life.
    (wish this ride would slow down at times - to let me get my breath!!!)

    Thursday, June 19, 2008

    Time For A Walk......................?????

    Trying to get my attention - you think??!?!
    Our Spoodle - Molly Moo!!

    Friday, June 13, 2008

    Where Am I Going??

    I'm almost at the end of another semester of Uni.
    I'm so close to done - for these latest 3 subjects - but I just can't seem to get. myself. over. the. line.
    Like this picture - I can see where I need to go - but I can't seem to go straight - and I can't work out why.
    I keep putting off - what I NEED to do.
    I've even considered doing ironing so that I don't have to even start what needs to be done.
    (yes - I'm THAT desperate to NOT do the study)
    Is there awards for 'best procrastination skills'??
    If there was a degree in that - I'd already be done!!

    OMG - I think it's time for more therapy!!!

    Tuesday, June 10, 2008

    MissG Is Getting All Growned Up!!

    Stop the world - I want to get off!!
    The last 9 years have flown - and now my eldest has started High School.
    I can't believe how my little girl has grown - in what feels like - such a short time.

    Here's a pic of MissG age 4.....

    And here's a pic of the girls today...

    It's a bitter sweet thing this 'mummy-ing' - as you want them to grow up - but then you look around - and don't know where all those precious years have gone.

    I'll be honest - I am a little scared of the teenage years - but I'm looking forward to this next chapter - and to the many exciting adventures that lay ahead.

    It will be OK - won't it?????????????

    Monday, June 9, 2008

    New Addition To The Family.

    As hinted in my previous post - yes - it's true - we have welcomed a new member to the House-o-Possum.

    She's blonde and beautiful - just like all the other female members of this household (ha!) - and she was born in September 2007.
    We had been considering adding to our brood - but the timing had to be right (I had to finish my studies for the semester) - and we had to wait for all the stars to align - just right.

    Name: Molly Moo
    Current Age: 9 months
    Breed: Spoodle - Cross Cocker Spaniel/Poodle
    (or 'Cocka-Poo' for you USA peeps)
    Place of Birth: Bungendore, NSW
    Where we First Met: Pet Shop, Canberra
    Nature: Extremely Cuddly, Fluffy & Cute

    Photo 1: Molly on MissG's lap - day of arrival Nov'07
    Photo 2: Molly with MissE

    Photo 3: Molly with MissJ

    Photo 4 & 5:  Miss Molly Moo!!

    Sunday, June 8, 2008

    So........I'm Back!!!

    Yes - it's true - I am still very much alive.
    I have apologized profusely to this blog - and after much consideration (and a complete make-over) - it has kindly allowed me to return - with full posting privileges!!
    (can I just say......PHEW!)
    I hope that I can do this blog, and you - my reader/s - proud!!

    SO much has happened since I last wrote here - I have much to report.
    Life has - as always - been far, far too busy - but I hope to neglect you all no more.

    Rather than make one HUGE post - I shall make a few seperate posts - with some photos - to get you all up to speed (all you 2 readers out there in Blogland. You may be small in numbers - but you are extremely important to both this blog and to me!!).

    So, I shall just say - I'm healthy, the family are all well (this week!!), we have a new family member (ooo - the suspense!!), I'm still studying (YES - still) and generally life is treating us all fine and well.

    I shall return soon - I promise!!
    Poss. xxx