Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Holidays Over and New Semester Begins

WOW - where did that time go??
I haven't posted since 29June - how rude is that??
July just passed without even a mention?!?!
And I promised that I would be more attentive dear reader.
(I know there's at least one peep out there taking notice!!!! Thankyou!!!)
Where to begin??

Netball NSW State Age Championship's were held in Newcastle at the beginning of July school holidays.
It was amazing - tiring - exciting - a blast.
3-days of netball mayhem - never seen anything like it - but it was an absolute hoot!!
I had the honour to manage a wonderful team of ten 12 year olds.
The girls all played wonderfully - better than they have ever played before.
It was great.
Bring on next year!!

After State Age we took our time getting back home - spending nights at various friends homes - as we made our way back down to Canberra.
We were away a whole week.
Two nights here - one night there - it was super mad - but great to catch up with so many people that we haven't seen in a very long time.
We consumed vast amounts of champagne and red wine - talked up a storm - did 'Paddy's Markets', 'Yum Cha' in China Town and a Rugby League match all in Sydney (P'matta V Rabitohs) - and generally had a load of fun.
Friends are precious - even if you only get the opportunity for small amounts of time together.
All very worth the time.

Second week of the school hols were spent just lounging around at home, washing copious amounts of dirty laundry, watching films, catching up with home friends, and generally taking things nice and slow. (Poor MrW had to go back to work - so he didn't have so much fun - life returns to normal so fast!!)

21July saw school return for the kids - and back to Uni for me once more.
Already things are flyng past quick - we're already into to week 3 - I'm sure the rest of the year will now fly past before I know where it's all gone!!

Saturday netball has resumed in ernest.
School activities keep the girls all very busy.
MrW has had a couple of trips to Adelaide with work.
I have a heap of assignments due this semester.
And life rolls on as per normal.

Oh the joys of a busy life.
(wish this ride would slow down at times - to let me get my breath!!!)

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Leonie said...

hooray!!!!! you so know i ahve no life!!! well I kind of do but at the moment with all that is going on avoidance is my best friend!! We NEED a catch up!!! still waiting on our end no news is certainly NOT good news so just keep praying to the powers at be and keep all appendages crossed xx L