Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Our Car

It would appear that our car has been somewhat possessed - or at the very least temporarily cursed.

On the way home from our skiing adventures - we were just minutes away from home - when disaster struck - and it struck with an almighty BANG.

We could see the lights of Canberra up ahead - and were starting to look forward to showers, dinner and relaxing after a busy day on the slopes - and a full 5 days away from home - when suddenly - on the road - directly in our path - a large, metal, cylindrical object loomed in the headlights - and as traffic was rather busy (Friday night - many snow-lovers traveling to and from the snow - in this - our best snow seasons in 17 years...........) there was not much space to move - and missing the object completely was - well - out of the question.

We hit it hard - and pulled over quickly to the side of the road.

Friends, travelling behind, followed us - and with shocked faces - explained that they saw numerous sparks flying - and were worried what on earth had occurred.

In pitch darkness - and with just a small flashlight to inspect the underside of the car - not much could be seen - so we eventually decided to attempt driving on - and after a few tentative moves forward - we were back on the road again. Albeit - extremely slowly as the car did not sound 'well' at all.

We limped home - and once in the driveway - the full damage could be seen.

It's amazing really that we even made it home.

A huge 15 x 20 cm hole was gaping under the car - between the wheels - sort of - in the middle - around the 'transfer box' - so I am told.

I won't even attempt to explain further (as really I'm a girl that knows little about the full workings of the car) - but let's just say - it could move no further - as when an attempt was made to back in down the driveway again - a horrible metal-on-metal sound escaped from the underside of the car - and a large broken bolt fell out onto the concrete.

A few days later, we had the car picked up and taken to Ford here in Canberra - after many and varied discussions with our insurance agency.

And here's when the real fun begins.

Over at Ford - the young mechanics were taking the car off the back of the truck - when they lost control - and our car ended up pinning a young apprentice against the wall?!?!

Young mechanic was taken to hospital - and Zesty (that's the name of our car - or should we re-name her 'Christine'??) had large scrapes down one side - and dents left where the young man was once pinned.

Since then - apparently the car has behaved itself - and it is on the mend.

And so is the mechanic. (phew - I was wondering whether to send him a Get Well card from the car?!)

The broken underside has been replaced - and she now goes in for some metal work and little bit of spray painting.

It's been over 3 weeks now - and I seriously am dying to get back my car.

Hopefully, all will be well by the end of this week. Including all curses and possessions completely DELETED.