Wednesday, August 13, 2008


  • Finally getting my dishwasher back - fixed - and working like new! (added bonus - it didn't cost us a small fortune to get it fixed!!) We've been without it for almost 2 months. You think being without a computer/internet is bad? That's nothing compared to having no working dishwasher in the house!! We had a little field mouse in the house a long time ago - and it took a really long time to catch the bugger. Apparently he quite enjoyed nibbling at the power cord and internal parts of said dishwasher. Mouse + dishwasher = not a good match. Just a little hint for you to remember!!
  • Olympic sports - that I never normally watch - EXCEPT when the Olympics are on. Crazy - I know - but cheering on the Aussie's in the green and gold is just the best during these once-every-4-year games. Today I've watched Water Polo, Cycling, Canoing - and of course - the Swimming. (yeah - I know - I should be studying - but it's only once every 4 years - ya know?!?!)
  • My bed! Last year we finally outlayed a great deal of cash for a GREAT mattress. (after buying the last mattress over 15 years ago - ICK!!) This new one is so so so comfortable. SO very worth the money. We spend so much of our lives sleeping - it makes sense to buy a good bed to rest well on.
Just wish I could get my ass to bed earlier most nights - so I could take full advantage of the bliss that is my bed. I'll try hard to get to bed before midnight tonight - I promise!!! (oh - I hope I don't get trapped in another Olympic moment again!!!!!)

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