Thursday, June 19, 2008

Time For A Walk......................?????

Trying to get my attention - you think??!?!
Our Spoodle - Molly Moo!!


My name is Andy. said...

She's too cute ! Bet you can't stay mad at her for long!!

juliaNY07 said...

He heheheheh~!!! hooo hoo.... That face is to innocent, I think it was a set up...Jxxx

Leonie said...

imagine my surprise when i having a look through my 'favourites' after being woken tooooooooo early by two little boys and looks she is back, YAY and gee you really are procrasstinating aren't you!!!! see you on the holidays xxx L

Possum said...
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Possum said...

Hi guys - thanks for dropping by.

Andy - no - far too hard to stay cranky at Miss Molly for long!!

Julia - innocent - she is NOT!! Loveable - she is!!

Leonie - hiya chick - good to see you here again.
Yes - procrastination has become somewhat of an ART for me now!!!

Poss. xxxx