Saturday, July 28, 2007

Potter Puppet Pals

A friend introduced this to our family a few weeks ago.
My kids LOVE it.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

And Another Set Of Holidays Flies On By.....

WOW - where did the holidays go???
So much for a long break from the studies and the books.

Uni started back this week - and I'm glad to say that my timetable is GOOD - and I'm really looking forward to ticking off another 3 subjects by the end of the year. Assignment workload doesn't appear to be too horrid - so all's good so far there.
The girls started back at school this week, and we're looking at another busy term for them.
We're looking forward to a visit in early August from Hubby's cousin from Holland - CousinR. We're very close to him - there has been numerous visits back and forth between us all - but it's not been 8 years since we've last seen him.
CousinR has various interests and occupations - one which includes skiing tuition on the beautiful white fluffy stuff - otherwise known as snow!! So - we're all going skiing together for 5 days - and the excitement bubbles are starting to grow.
We introduced the kids to skiing last year - and they had an absolute HOOT. So this trip should be a whole heap of fun.
CousinR will be staying in OZ for a total of 3 weeks.

So - for now - that's the news and reviews from House 'O Possum.
We'll now return you to your regular programming.............................................xx

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Sick And Feeling BLAH

I've been a bit sick.
I was attacked by some rotten lurgy - and I've been in bed for the last 48 hours. Head pounding, fever, really sore throat, wicked cough - something this household has all come down with in various forms this last week - and it hit me HARD.
And it all hit after a very very busy week.
Last weekend I travelled by bus to Sydney with 2 girlfriends for a weekend away from the kidlettes.
It coincided with the Quilting and Craft Show in Darling Harbour - AND the many sales that mid-year Sydney retail produces.
We had a ball - lots of chatting, lots of walking, lots of shopping, good food, good wine, good company - a great weekend away.
Back at home - it's school holidays - and we have had a visitor staying for almost 2 weeks. My husband's 2nd cousin - from France - (MissC - 16yrs) - is in Australia for 6 weeks - and it was our turn to show her around our part of this big and beautiful country of ours.
It was a delight to have her here - as she slipped into our fam quite easily. She just became the oldest sister - and my kids had an absolute ball.
Her English was far more coherent than our non-existent French - so communication was relatively easy - especially as having fun is a universal language - so that's mostly what we've done this last 2 weeks.
She's seen almost all of the sights and museums that Canberra has to offer - and we even managed a couple of days without rain. (and I'm NOT complaining about the rain - as we've been in drought for a few years now - and the sound of rain on our roof is music to my ears - let me tell you!!)
Today I had to say goodbye to MissC as hubby and the girls have all driven up to Sydney to drop her back to his family - who will look after her for one final week before she heads back home to Paris. Hubby has a sister in Sydney - with 3 daughters - so MissC fits in well there also - and she stayed there before her visit to us.
Anyway - I'm still at home - obviously - as I seriously couldn't get out of bed - and I really thought it best not to spread this lurgy around more than it needed to be.
The fam should be back home tomorrow afternoon - and in the meantime - I'm taking things very very easy.
The kids have one week left of holidays - and so do I.
So I intend to have myself a whole lot of rest - some good family time when they return - and I'm looking forward to getting 3 more subjects finished by the end of the year.
Never a dull moment in House Possum - that's for sure!!!