Monday, June 9, 2008

New Addition To The Family.

As hinted in my previous post - yes - it's true - we have welcomed a new member to the House-o-Possum.

She's blonde and beautiful - just like all the other female members of this household (ha!) - and she was born in September 2007.
We had been considering adding to our brood - but the timing had to be right (I had to finish my studies for the semester) - and we had to wait for all the stars to align - just right.

Name: Molly Moo
Current Age: 9 months
Breed: Spoodle - Cross Cocker Spaniel/Poodle
(or 'Cocka-Poo' for you USA peeps)
Place of Birth: Bungendore, NSW
Where we First Met: Pet Shop, Canberra
Nature: Extremely Cuddly, Fluffy & Cute

Photo 1: Molly on MissG's lap - day of arrival Nov'07
Photo 2: Molly with MissE

Photo 3: Molly with MissJ

Photo 4 & 5:  Miss Molly Moo!!


Anonymous said...

Oh How adorable - Our next door neighbors have a spoodle - we have a poodle :)
And Poss Your Girls are GORGEOUS!

phil said...

That's one cute pup... Congrats!

Jenna said...

most definitely want to dog nap such a cutie, good thing you live FAR away ;)

juliaNY07 said...

Oh, Possum she is so lovley, and I loved seeing your girls too - you are soooo right, she fits right into the mold of beautiful blonde girl and is almost as beautiful as the rest of you. Jxx

Possum said...

Hiya Jane, Phil, Jenna and Julia,
Thanks so much for stopping by.
Yeah - she is gorgeous - it's just nice to know now that I'm not completely biased - others can see it too!!!
Poss. xxxxx