Friday, June 29, 2007

The Results Are In

Finally - I received my semester results for Uni.
PHEW - another 3 subjects out of the way. (Possum does the Happy Dance!!!)
Again - I had to drop one subject midway through this semester - and I will now only be taking 3 subjects each semester for the next 2.5 years.
Twice now I have tried to do the full load of 4 units - and have almost been put into the nut house on both occasions!!
This will bump my degree out to 5 years - but it's for the sanity of our wee family unit that has caused me to make this decision.
Trying to study full-time whilst trying to maintain some type of normality within one's immediate family - is just NOT GOING TO HAPPEN - especially in this 3-kidlette house.
The house looks constantly like a tornado has passed through the place / kiddy homework gets more and more stressful for us parents to cope with as each term rolls on / all contact with one's family and friends comes to a complete standstill (YES - we are still alive - we're just unable to string together any words into a coherent sentence) / and life seems to travel faster than the speed of light - and before you know it - I'll be finished this degree - but my children AND husband may well have left for greener pastures.
(surely that will mean that I'll be a smarter-er teacher in the end - huh??!!)
I'm not saying that anything will get better - as 3 subjects is still a heap of work - but at least that way we may actually get through it all in one semi-held-together-with UHU glue-piece.
Here's to December 2010 - that's not so long away - is it?????

Thursday, June 28, 2007

All About Me

For those that don't know me -
  • I am forever 21! (that's what I tell the kids - and that's what I'm sticking with)
  • I am a wife to a wonderful, understanding, patient man - MrW - who has been my husband since 1990. He was a Navy man for 23 years (yep - the uniform did it for me) - but he now works for the Dept of Defence as a civilian.
  • I am a Mum to 3 gorgeous girls (no bias at all!!), born in '96, '98 and '02.
  • I was born & raised in Sydney.
  • I attended High School at an Anglican School For Girls - and I survived.
  • I was once an exchange student to Sweden. (yes - I learnt Swedish - and no - it's been of absolutely no use to me throughout my life - but the experience was a blast!!)
  • I worked in the Travel Industry for 8 years - and travelled lots.
  • I was an ENJO consultant for 3 years - and travelled some more.
  • I now live in Canberra - since 2000 - and I really don't hate it nearly as much as I thought I would - hence - we're still here. (I kinda really like it)
  • I am finally back at Uni to finish my Bachelor of Education (Primary Teaching). I took a two year break to earn some $ and get my head back together - but now I'm back and should be teaching by mid next year.
  • I love to let loose my creative streak every so often.
  • I love to ski, scuba dive (although haven't done for some time), play piano, sew, travel, spend time with friends, drink champagne, create things, blog and breath!!
I'm looking forward to writing stuff about my life.

I hope you enjoy the ride.
Poss. xx