Monday, August 11, 2008


  • Internet access being restored to my home!! (see the following post) I don't know how I lived without it before we had it. I now have it back (after a few wee hiccups) - and life is good!!
  • My visual arts tutorial for my Arts Ed 2 course this semester - where my creative juices are once again ignited. I LOVE any opportunity to switch the right side of my brain to maximum power! I LOVE being challenged artistically and I LOVE to CREATE!! Today we looked at how to capture the concept of 'TIME' via photography - along with how to share with kids the concept that artists - even from way in the past - were just like us - and were influenced by all that was around them. Last week I used clay to make a 'TOTEM' - theme of our own choosing - I made a 'MOTHER & CHILD' statue (it should be fired in a few weeks). I'll post some pics of my finished creations - later in the semester. Really really fun stuff.
  • The training I've already received in my course - and being able to help MissG with her Maths homework - using Lego blocks to show her concepts in a manipulative form. (I love those 'light-bulb' moments with kids.........."Oh, now I get it!!!") Got to love 'perimeters' and 'areas'.
Off to do some reading for tomorrow's tutorials.

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