Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Celebrations and Gratefulness

This semester I am taking a subject/unit called - 'Promoting Positive Learning Environments' at UC.
It's all about behaviour management and discipline in the classroom - and how to get the most out of your students.

We have been given a huge list of movies to watch over the semester - to see best practices in teaching - and to witness those teachers that have really inspired their students in the past.

First movie on the list - 'The Freedom Writers' - is an amazing story about a teacher that really cared about her students - like nobody had cared about them ever before.
The most amazing part - my gorgeous friend J - currently living in New York - sent me this book for my b'day last year - and she wrote on the inside cover -

'To dear Possum - because I know you will be an incredible teacher!'

(I heart my gorgeous friend J !!)

The story is extremely inspiring - and it has been made into a movie - staring Hilary Swank.
Do see it if you get a chance - check out the website - or better still - get your hands on a copy of the book.

So anyway - today's lecture talked about 'Positive Psychology & Positive Education' - and about an experiment that is running on 'Celebration and Gratefulness' - to increase one's own sense of well-being and happiness.
The gist of it is - if we give to others of our free will - and be constantly grateful for the good things in our lives - no matter how big or small - our lives can be happier & ultimately healthier in the long run.
So - from today - I shall try to write about 3 things/people/events - each and every day - which I am grateful for - that I wish to celebrate!!!

I know - I'm a slack bugger when it comes to keeping this little place updated - but now I have a challenge - and I hope that I can keep this up - to document what matters in my life - and to see if this helps me to truly appreciate the wonderful-ness of my life.
(yeah - I know it's not a real word - and I promise not to teach the kidlettes my Possum-isms when I become a real teacher - K?!!)

05Aug08 - Today I am grateful for -
  • My gorgeous girls - that always give me the BEST hugs and kisses any mum could ever wish for.
  • MrW - my husband - for being the MOST patient, loving man - and I'm so thankful he's stuck around!!!
  • My PPLE Lecturor - Dr Thomas Nielsen - who is an extremely inspiring teacher in his own right. I'm so glad that I know him - and that he is so giving of himself.

Now - go be grateful for the good things that happened in your day!!!
See you tomorrow! xx 

ETA: I'm labelling all of my 3 Things' under '3BT' - for '3 Beautiful Things' - which is used around blog-land.


Fee said...

WOO HOO it all begins here!!
I expect to hear from you every night without fail!!

Fee xxx

juliaNY07 said...

Thanks...I hoped you would like the book, it is inspiring and not just for teachers, it is about seeing good and potential in every one and loving unconditionally and never letting any one tell you that you can't do something. About looking inside yourself for your power and taking control of your life. And I still know you will be an incredible teacher, it is just who you are, an incredible person.
Love Jxx

Possum said...

Thanks for dropping by lovely ladies.
As always - it's such a pleasure to see you hear.
Fee - yeah - let's do this greatfulness!!
Julia - Thankyou gorgeous friend. Just. Thankyou.
Poss. xxxxx

Possum said...

ETA: of course - I meant to say - 'here' not 'hear' in that last comment.
(proof reading one's own messages would be a wise move Miss Possum!!!!!)

Possum said...

ETA2: oh - and 'gratefulness' would have been more appropriate than 'greatfulness' - of course......
OK - I'm going now..........