Sunday, June 8, 2008

So........I'm Back!!!

Yes - it's true - I am still very much alive.
I have apologized profusely to this blog - and after much consideration (and a complete make-over) - it has kindly allowed me to return - with full posting privileges!!
(can I just say......PHEW!)
I hope that I can do this blog, and you - my reader/s - proud!!

SO much has happened since I last wrote here - I have much to report.
Life has - as always - been far, far too busy - but I hope to neglect you all no more.

Rather than make one HUGE post - I shall make a few seperate posts - with some photos - to get you all up to speed (all you 2 readers out there in Blogland. You may be small in numbers - but you are extremely important to both this blog and to me!!).

So, I shall just say - I'm healthy, the family are all well (this week!!), we have a new family member (ooo - the suspense!!), I'm still studying (YES - still) and generally life is treating us all fine and well.

I shall return soon - I promise!!
Poss. xxx

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juliaNY07 said...

Yeah Possum, Yeah Possum, your back, Hope to see you here lots and lots..Love Jxx