Saturday, August 16, 2008


  • An absolutely brilliant 4-page letter from my bio dad!! (the one he's been promising to send since December last year) Family medical history, a little bit of family history and a shared hope that one day we may meet. WOW. Some missing pieces to this adoptee's life - FINALLY!!!
  • A day off from netball duties. MissG has a sore ankle and my game got called off - while MrW took MissE along to her game at 10am. It was nice to have a Saturday at home - out of the cold.
  • A day of study, reading and research for Uni assignments. I'm finally getting knuckled down for the semester. (it's only week 4 - eeekkkkk!!!)

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Fee said...

Getting slack on the grateful here, Girlie!!
Your letting down the team!!

Cheers Fee