Monday, August 27, 2007

John Butler Trio

Last week John Butler Trio were to play in Canberra.

I had tickets.

Sadly - the drummer was sick - and the concert had to be postponed. (he's all betterer now - thanks for asking!!) Perhaps they'll get back here in October - after they finish their touring in Europe.

In the meantime - I found this instrumental on YouTube - title - 'Searching For Heritage' - (very ironic title for me really) - and just had to share it.

I can't stop playing it.

These guys are good. Check them out - if you haven't already.

I've heard they're awesome live - I'll let you know my verdict when they finally play here.

I can't wait...............
UPDATE 1: they've rescheduled the concert - Monday 29th October - YIPPEEEEE.


(seriously good concert) 

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What A Blast !!

We're back from the magical white stuff - and what a fantastic time we had.
(I'm talking about the SNOW people - don't go getting any wacky ideas....)

MissJ (almost 5yrs) learnt how to ski for the first time - and MissG (age11.5) and MissE (almost 9) were starting to ski backwards by the end of day 5 !!

The weather at the start of the week was all sunshine, awesome snow-cover & every lift open - and it moved into gale force winds and many lifts on wind-hold. BUT - we had a ball.

We went with CousinR from Holland - who came for a short but wonderful 2.5 week wirlwind visit to OZ - and our good friends - The Smiffs (family of 4).
Loads of laughter and good times had by all - it really was the holiday my psyche was screaming for.

Not much can compare to skiing around the slopes with my girls, my husband, CousinR and my good friends. We're already frantically doing the calculations for the next possible skiing adventure.
DAMN that skiing costs so flippin' much. (note to self - MUST win lottery to help ease the pain in my husband's pocket.......)

Today - CousinR flew back to the land of cheese and clogs - and the house & it's inhabitants seems eerily quiet and a little sad this evening.
He will be greatly missed - but here's hoping it won't be another 7 years before we're all back in the same hemisphere once more.

(oh - and yeah - not much studying going on around here - bugger!!! - better get my nose back into those books................this semester is not quite as exciting as the adventures that have been playing in my surrounds.)

ETA: labels for the photos are as follows (I can't work out how to flippy put them inbetween the photos - it JUST.WON'T.WORK. Pfffffttt!!)
Photo 1: Perisher Blue
Photo 2: CousinR & MissJ
Photo 3: MissJ (& me further up the slope)
Photo 4: MissE
Photo 5: MissG
Photo 6: MrW, me & CousinR
Photo 7: The Mob - eating lunch!!
Photo 8 : The Smiffs - D & D.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

All About A Bunny

We've had a couple of rough weeks here in House O Possum.
And it's all because of a Bunny.

Name: Bouncer Bunny
Age: 1.5 years
Breed: Miniature Floppy Ears
Nature: Extremely Cute

Two weeks ago, said Bunny escaped from the back yard - and after numerous searches, he was nowhere to be found.

Picture this - 3 girls - various levels of emotional distress - depending on the age and the capacity to feel the full effects of the loss. Mum and Dad just trying to console as best we can.

We just started to move past it all a little - when 1 week later - neighbour tells us that someone up the road had found said Bunny - and had handed it into the RSPCA Animal Shelter - half an hour away - on the other side of this fair city!!!

Photos were gathered to prove ownership. Family flew down the road hoping that Bouncer really could be found. Excitement reigned. Bouncer Bunny was there - and he was brought back to his family home, safe and sound.

(I even had quite a few cuddles over the past few days - and smiled deeply as I watched him once more bounce freely around our backyard during his 'Bouncing Times')

Late yesterday - something was wrong with Bouncer.

He didn't jump away when MissG went to collect him to replace him in his cage. He was in fact rather limp when held - and he was struggling greatly to move at all.

We checked him out. We tried to coax him to move. We attempted hand feeding and giving fluids gently with a tube. I sat for hours with him on my chest, starting to realise that something was just not right at all.

We tried to make him comfortable and warm for the night - hoping that the rest would do him well and he'd be a little better in the morning.

This morning, after dropping off said girls (again in various degrees of grief) off to school and preschool - I rushed straight to the Vet.

I immediately couldn't stop crying as I saw that Bouncer was in fact even weaker than the night before - and this was the same Vet that had to put down both our dog and our cat many years beforehand - on two very seperate and traumatic occasions.

The Vet's plan of action - try to rehydrate - give him a thorough physical - keep him warm and medicated for pain - and see how he was in 2-3 hours. I got to the car and fell into a heap.

Bloody rabbit. Bloody pets. They make our hearts bleed when they're sick.

I kept myself busy for most of the day. Praying, hoping that my worst fears would be swept away.

I called. Not much change. He hadn't moved much all day. Wasn't interested in food. Prognosis wasn't looking real good. But we left it another 3 hours just to see how he would go.

School pickups - and attempts at keeping the troops busy. Not looking them in the eye. Explaining that he really was very very sick. Trying not to let on how upset I really was.

Then at 4pm - I made the call - and together with the Vet - we .
decided to let Bouncer go.

So - tonight - I'm a bit of a mess.
Until today I didn't realise how very attached I'd become to this Bunny. And now he's gone - and I hurt for him - and I hurt for my girls - who have now lost a very special friend.

RIP Bouncer Bunny.

You were greatly loved and will be greatly missed.