Monday, August 11, 2008

Internet Down - and Catching Up

How frustrating is it when the internet connection goes - and it takes 4 days to sort it all out with your ISP?!?!?!?!


OK - I'm breathing again. Glad that's over. Lets get on with things.

So - I need to catch up on a few 3BT's - you know - those things I'm grateful for!!!
I'll think back - and try to make my lists. (and I'll go backwards from yesterday - so they sit right on the blog - 'cuz ya know that I need it to look right - yes??)

  • Long allow my body some rest and recuperation from my head-cold.
  • A family that allows me to have long sleep-ins when I need them!!
  • Good friends for company as we laze the afternoon away watching the Olympic highlights from Beijing!!


09Aug08 - Today I'm grateful for -
  • Amazing peeps - both young and old - from Saturday netball - that make me smile and laugh - until my cheeks hurt.
  • 10 gorgeous 12-Years netball peeps that I had the honour to manage this past Rep Netball Season - and their wonderful parents.
  • Celebrations at the Rep Presentation Dinner - good food, great friends, fun times.


  • The start of the Beijing 2008 Olympics!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE me some Olympic viewing. (guess I'll be lacking some sleep over the next 2 weeks!!!) GO YOU AUSSIES!!!
  • Molly after she's had her hair clipped!! She's just even more cute, cuddly and fluffy.
  • MissE performing and getting an award at school today - and me being able to be there to witness it. She's one very talented little vegemite. I'm so very proud of all she does.
............and lastly.................

  • My good friend and neighbour not being badly hurt - when attacked by a pedestrian whilst driving her car. The car is damaged. She's shaken. But she's OK. (weird things really do happen)
  • Good friends and coffee shops. Couldn't live without them!!
  • Friends who really do understand - or at the very least - TRY to understand - what being adopted really means to me. Their validation and unconditional support have helped me heal and grow - in more ways than I could ever describe.
PHEW!!! I did it.
OK - back to your regular programming now!!!!!
Thanks for checking in!

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