Monday, October 13, 2008

Hopefully Things Will Calm Down Soon............

During this semester I've had to dabble in 3D and photography in my Arts Ed 2 course.
Above is my linear sculpture -

"Thoughts In My Head"
Recycled wire
58cm x 44cm x 35cm

All work I have completed has been photographed, and made into a catalogue - similar to what you would find at an Art Gallery - featuring a collection of a particular artist's work - in this case - my amateur makings!!
I'm almost done - it's all due in this Friday.
I'll post more as I get the time.

In the meantime - I've been really sick - bronchitis once more - yay for Canberra spring and the dreaded lurgies - they get me every time.
(the last week of the
school hols - we were all sick - our home was a warzone!!)
It's also MADNESS assignment time. Just 3 weeks until the end of semester - then all clear until next year. (yay)
I just want the bloody piece of paper that says I'm allowed to teach - but they put you through hell and back to get there - I swear.

It's late - I've got to get some sleep.
Counselling essay to due tomorrow - 1500 words comparing two counselling theories.
Oh the joy!!



juliaNY07 said...

Hoping 'things' have calmed down, though I see you have been absent, so guessing you are still crazy busy. Take care, enjoy the summer. Love Jxx

juliaNY07 said...

SO it has been a year, I know you are facebooking, but for those of us who like more info and easier to read stuff we (well at least I do) miss your blog. Hope that you are all well, still buzzing from your holiday and enjoying the warming of the weather - which I am asuming is happening as we slowing decend into winter here. Love Jxxx

juliaNY07 said...

I have not given up on you!!!! the blog I mean, still I check holding my hoo. Jxx