Monday, September 1, 2008

Bad Blogger.

So apparently I'm not too good with sharing my 3 Grateful Things (3BT) each and every day.
Yes - I can admit it. I'm a slacker.
But truly - life just gets busy at times - ya know?!

I think at this stage in my life - I have to remember to be gentle on myself.
I am NOT superwomen - even though I try to be sometimes.
I am just a women, that is figuring out her place in the world; a mother, that is trying to raise 3 gorgeous girls that show me more about love than I've ever known; a wife, that is not nearly as kind to her husband as she should be; a student, that is not very good at time management and seems to always end up finishing assignments during the wee hours of morning; a friend, that cares deeply but often doesn't show it enough; a netballer, that really isn't fit enough, and may even be an embarrassment to all that play with her - but is having a damn good time at it all anyway.

OK - Things that have kept me busy these last few days.
  • The girls had Book Week parade at school last Thursday. It's become an important tradition at our local school - and everyone from the Principal through to the grounds person gets in on the fun!! It's a hoot. Here's this year's effort from MissE and MissJ................(MissJ's very first Book Week baby's growing up too fast)
MissE was a 'Fairy Godmother' and MissJ was a 'Princess' - obviously. Miss E put her outfit together herself - and luckily we found enough supplies for everything around the house and in the dress-up box. (thanks goodness for well stocked dress-up boxes - I say!!)
  • Thursday was also a successful day for me - as I handed in an assignment for my counselling unit - on time. PHEW!! Apparently my brain does still function - dispelling all fears to the contrary. So - on to the next assignment I go - due next week - ICK!!
  • Friday saw another wonderful day off. It's good to let my batteries recharge at the end of the week.
  • Saturday was full of netballing madness.
Great news - MissG and MissE both had wonderful games - and they both now head into the finals. VERY exciting. (especially since last year - MissE's team didn't win a game all season!)
My game was a loss - and that's it for the season for us - but we had a GREAT time - my first ever season of netball - we're all planning on playing again next year. It was a hoot. Great friends, good laughs, no major injuries - all was good!!!
Here's MissG in action -

And here's MissE -

  • Today - we had rain - lots of rain. It was wonderful to hear it falling on the roof - and being snuggled up and warm inside - with a fire for added warmth and visual pleasure!! (perhaps the fire was not so good for the environment - but I feel the cold - damn it.......). Our parched soils are looking kind of sad - so rain is good. I say - bring it ON!!! More rain please Mr Weather-Man!!
    OK - I've stayed up far too late - once again.
    Thanks for coming.

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