Thursday, August 21, 2008


  • Coming up with loads of ideas for my visual arts project. I've named my book - 'Moments in Time'. I hope to post some pics of my pages when I'm done. Each event must be depicted abstractly using collage. I forsee lots of cutting, pasting, and general mess around my desk for awhile. (well - there's usually mess - but it's gonna get a lot worse - me thinks!!!)
  • MissG surviving back at school. We hired her some crutches to help get around while her ankle heals - and they hurt under her arms a bit today - but she was allowed to use the lift at school all day - to help navigate between the 2 storeys at her school. She's healing.
  • MrW seeing the doc and getting some days off work. It's not great he's not well - but it's good that the doc is making him have some rest. No major illness - but some icky lurgy has invaded - and he's just a wee tired. Rest will be good.

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