Friday, April 8, 2011

I'm baaaaaacccckkkkkk!!!

Yes - it's true - I am still very much alive.
I had to shake out a few cobwebs on my return - wow - it's been a while.
Here's the last few years in a nutshell -
  • took a two year break from Uni - needed some space - needed some money!!
  • worked a couple of jobs - one mindlesss (admin for a construction company) - another very interesting (ASADA - Aust sports anti-doing mob - short term contract - good times).
  • I now have two daughters in highschool - MissG in Year 10 (& now taller than me - eek!) - MissE in Year 7 - and little MissJ is in Year 3. All have great teachers - all doing really well. They are the light of my world.
  • girls are playing HEAPS of sport - a mixture of netball, volleyball and Aussie Rules football / AFL!!
  • last November I played a week of netball at the Pan Pacific Masters Games on the Gold Coast. It was amazing - never thought I'd ever do such a thing - great team - great times - and I survived 8 games of netball in 5 days!!
  • while in QLD I also got to finally meet my bio mother and two bio brothers! Weird, exciting, emotional, stressful - in fact every emotion under the sun. Needless to say - I now feel a peace that I haven't in a very very long time.
  • did a few (some minor/some major) renovations on the house - put in an inground pool (woot!) and landscaped the back garden. (below is a peek....) Pool built by JS Pools. (local Canberra pool company - the link is to their yellow pages entry as they don't have a website - highly recommend them - we have 5 other friends who have used them). Lanscape design & labour by myself and Mr W. Hard work but REALLY happy with the results. 

  • We're currently working on fixing up the study (looks pretties so far!!) - and the lounge-room. I'll add photos along the way to show you bits that we've done.
  • I am now back at Uni - (Bachelor of Education - Primary teaching) - doing a full load - just want to get the flippy thing done!!! I should be able to teach from mid next year - with just one or two extra subjects to finish off by the end of next year. Love, love, love to teach - just bored with the studying bit - but need that bit of paper (the actual degree) - so will suck it up and get on with things!
  • looking at starting a design company with my girls. The creative streak has flaired up once more with the return to Uni and the space to use my brain! We've decided to call ourselves stuff by us - and we'll have some crafty homewares - like quilts, paper craft, small home furnishing etc etc. Keep watching this space as I add pics of various pieces along the way. We're all very excited - this is going to be fun!!! (of course it's going to be a slow process - with Uni, school, sports, life - but hay - we have to start somewhere!)
  • Molly - our Spoodle - is still doing very well. She's a joy to have around.
  • MrW - still my rock. He deserves a medal most days. xx
  • and I nearly forgot - I've lost almost 10 kilos!! Last year I went on 'Lite n Easy'- really great food. Have stagnated for now - can't afford the special food with the loss of my income. Have concluded that exercise would greatly help with greater weight loss!! (but it has been a few months - and I have managed to keep it off). Very happy.
That's all I can think of for now. Oh - it's been the stock-standard rollercoaster of life - with all it's ups and downs - but we've faired well - and life is - as always - GREAT!

Nice to be back. xxx

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