Saturday, July 7, 2007

Sick And Feeling BLAH

I've been a bit sick.
I was attacked by some rotten lurgy - and I've been in bed for the last 48 hours. Head pounding, fever, really sore throat, wicked cough - something this household has all come down with in various forms this last week - and it hit me HARD.
And it all hit after a very very busy week.
Last weekend I travelled by bus to Sydney with 2 girlfriends for a weekend away from the kidlettes.
It coincided with the Quilting and Craft Show in Darling Harbour - AND the many sales that mid-year Sydney retail produces.
We had a ball - lots of chatting, lots of walking, lots of shopping, good food, good wine, good company - a great weekend away.
Back at home - it's school holidays - and we have had a visitor staying for almost 2 weeks. My husband's 2nd cousin - from France - (MissC - 16yrs) - is in Australia for 6 weeks - and it was our turn to show her around our part of this big and beautiful country of ours.
It was a delight to have her here - as she slipped into our fam quite easily. She just became the oldest sister - and my kids had an absolute ball.
Her English was far more coherent than our non-existent French - so communication was relatively easy - especially as having fun is a universal language - so that's mostly what we've done this last 2 weeks.
She's seen almost all of the sights and museums that Canberra has to offer - and we even managed a couple of days without rain. (and I'm NOT complaining about the rain - as we've been in drought for a few years now - and the sound of rain on our roof is music to my ears - let me tell you!!)
Today I had to say goodbye to MissC as hubby and the girls have all driven up to Sydney to drop her back to his family - who will look after her for one final week before she heads back home to Paris. Hubby has a sister in Sydney - with 3 daughters - so MissC fits in well there also - and she stayed there before her visit to us.
Anyway - I'm still at home - obviously - as I seriously couldn't get out of bed - and I really thought it best not to spread this lurgy around more than it needed to be.
The fam should be back home tomorrow afternoon - and in the meantime - I'm taking things very very easy.
The kids have one week left of holidays - and so do I.
So I intend to have myself a whole lot of rest - some good family time when they return - and I'm looking forward to getting 3 more subjects finished by the end of the year.
Never a dull moment in House Possum - that's for sure!!!


MissG said...


I'm soooo sorry you're feeling so sick Poss!

I hope you get better soon!(I miss you a lot!)

I hope you're not to lonley!

Love MissG.

juliaNY07 said...

Hi there Possum,
Sorry to hear that you have been unwell again, bad state of affairs. I am sooo glad to hear about the rain though, I hope it keeps up (not enough to flood tho!) take care of yourself and enjoy the next week. Love Jxx

angel said...

Oh darling, it's going around sydney too, that fluey thing. I had a flu shot so hopefully I will escape it...

They're calling it the "needles in the throat virus".. sounds painful.

In any case, I hope you are much improved so you can enjoy the rest of your holidays ...

take care sweet possum!

Andie D. said...


Feel better soon! I'm not glad you're sick, but at least you'll have a little downtime to get better.

We've just missed some kinda horrible bug that's been going around. No idea how, and I'm not going to obsess. Yet.

So can you guys go to Paris and stay with the fam over there? HOW COOL would that be! It would be like a foreign exchange family.

Possum said...

MissG, Julia, Angel & Andie - thanks for your well wishes. I'm getting there..............

Poss. xxx