Friday, June 29, 2007

The Results Are In

Finally - I received my semester results for Uni.
PHEW - another 3 subjects out of the way. (Possum does the Happy Dance!!!)
Again - I had to drop one subject midway through this semester - and I will now only be taking 3 subjects each semester for the next 2.5 years.
Twice now I have tried to do the full load of 4 units - and have almost been put into the nut house on both occasions!!
This will bump my degree out to 5 years - but it's for the sanity of our wee family unit that has caused me to make this decision.
Trying to study full-time whilst trying to maintain some type of normality within one's immediate family - is just NOT GOING TO HAPPEN - especially in this 3-kidlette house.
The house looks constantly like a tornado has passed through the place / kiddy homework gets more and more stressful for us parents to cope with as each term rolls on / all contact with one's family and friends comes to a complete standstill (YES - we are still alive - we're just unable to string together any words into a coherent sentence) / and life seems to travel faster than the speed of light - and before you know it - I'll be finished this degree - but my children AND husband may well have left for greener pastures.
(surely that will mean that I'll be a smarter-er teacher in the end - huh??!!)
I'm not saying that anything will get better - as 3 subjects is still a heap of work - but at least that way we may actually get through it all in one semi-held-together-with UHU glue-piece.
Here's to December 2010 - that's not so long away - is it?????


BethGo said...

I heart you Possoum! Welcome to the world of Mommy blogging!

Smooches to you and yours!

AmyLew2 said...

Hey Poss! You mean you can separate stuff? Gee, I thought my kids, my pets, adoption, and ghost stories all fit nicely together :)

kimkim said...

Congratulations Possum that's fabulous, three subjects out of the way.

MissG said...

Hi Poss,

I like your new blog!

It's really cool!


Andie D. said...

Congrats on your new digs! Will you be posting pictures here? You, the hub, the kids? Lots of Mommy Bloggers post them. Hint, hint, hint!

juliaNY07 said...

Hilllooooooo......So nice to see you here, love the look of your blog, looking forward to photos of your lovely family, we miss you all soooooooo much, I'll go now so you can write more...hehehe.
Love Jxx

juliaNY07 said...

Oh, I forgot...will you share your results with us?

Paula O. said...

Love this blog, Poss!!

I hear you on every single word about being a student parent. It took me six years to complete my education degree - I went part time most semesters and took big chunks of time off when each child came - so it was something I had to be patient with.

My last 3 semesters however I had to take 14-18 credits (in some cases 5 classes) in order to graduate. Let's just say it was insane around here!! :) Thank goodness for friends and family to help out so that I could get away and get my loads of papers and reading and other studies done when my husband was at work, as many of my classes were in the evenings and on the weekends.

Anyway, this is SO much more than you ever wanted or needed to know -but I'm here to say that YES time DOES fly and soon you'll be walking across that stage getting that diploma!! If I can do it, anyone can!!!!!! (And it was one of the most incredible feelings in the world!!)

Congrats on all of your hard work thus far and I'll be rooting you on each step of the way.


elizabeth said...

Oh Poss I feel your pain girl! I feel it! Over three years here now of grad school including summer school right now. UUUUGGGGGHHHHH!

angel said...

Hi Poss! xx

Noice blog!

Possum said...

Beth - I heart you too Miss Beth!!!

Amy - I think your stories all fit together well - my other blog has just ALWAYS been about adoption - and it felt a little random to break into everyday verse!! KWIM?? And you're right - it all crosses over in one way or another - but it's a try!!

Kim - thanks. Yes - I'm crossing them off 3 at a time!!

MissG - thank you my gorgeous girl!! I love yours too.

Andie - don't know about the photos yet - I'll see how it goes.
It feels weird stepping out from behind the adoptee blogging tag!!

Julia - we miss you all so much too. Marks - HD, C & P (last one was just a Pass or Fail subject - prac - and the C - my first - boo hoo - was from the lecturer I had a fight with!! That will teach me!! He's stuffed my transcript now!! HA)

Paula - thank you for stopping by. I was thinking of doing the extra subject thing next year - but I really think that I'd be putting too much pressure on me - and on the fam - so I will get there - but a little slower than first planned.

Miss Liz - UUGGHHHHH is so right!!

Angel - thanks my friend. I'm happy that I've started it.

Poss. xxx

Going Back to Square One said...

It's nice to read about the light stuff!

Congrats on your progress in school! Yay Possum!

Anonymous said...

2010 hey? That's when i am supposed to graduate.
When you read my blog you will see that I gave you some credit for inspiring me to wrap my whole life up into one big blog...the details are there.
It's great reading about the student/mummy you.
I find uni full on and i am so grateful to have a chance to get it out of the way before I have kids!

Anonymous said...

hey again, poss.
thanks so much for your comment on my new blog...only problem is when I tried to publish it - it disappeared and was named as spam.
It may not show on there but I appreciate your well wishes!

Anonymous said...

oops, i forgot to tell you i think i pressed the wrong thing so please feel free to comment another time :)